A trip to the zoo

A trip to the zoo is a great idea for animal lovers but also if you or your date has children and you’d like to bring them along. There are a number of zoos across the UK which are home to a wide range of animals. Each often has its own unique area of interest so it pays to do your homework beforehand. It does also depend on the zoos that are near to you, particularly if you don’t wish to travel. But whether it’s just the two of you or you’ve decided to bring children along, it’s a great day out for everyone.

And that’s the thing, you can spend the best part of the day at the zoo – and by the way, the don’t assume that the largest zoos are always the best, there are some great smaller zoos too. What’s more, many zoos also combine with botanical gardens too. One example is Paignton Zoo, which at the time of writing had 1,600 different plant species. It was also amongst the first in the UK to combine a zoo with a botanical garden.

Top tips

  • Check to see if you need to book tickets in advance
  • Go on a dry day
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing
  • Take binoculars/camera
  • Food and drink (optional)
  • Zoo map and event planner (available at zoo)

The guide

  1. Find a zoo with a good reputation. You may need to travel if there’s not one near to you. As mentioned above you don’t always have to go for the largest zoo to have a great day out.
  2. Time of year. This date is best when the weather is dry (particularly if you have young children with you) as most of it will be outdoors. Factoring in that you’ll likely be spending the whole day there it could be marred somewhat if it’s raining.
  3. Dress for comfort. You’ll be spending your time walking around a lot so good shoes are a must. You want to be enjoying the visit and the time together with your date not thinking about your sore feet!
  4. A bite to eat. You could take a light picnic with you as there are usually plenty of spots to take a rest and sit and eat. This will save spending extra money as it can get quite expensive if you have children with you too.
  5. Capture the day. Take a camera for some quick snaps. A pair of binoculars or two would also come in handy so that you can get a closer view of the animals. Plan to take in as much as possible but remember that you’re there to enjoy your date together, maybe see some animal feedings or shows. If you don’t get around to seeing everything, then maybe that’s an excuse to go back on another date!


Here’s a list of the top zoos as highlighted by Trip Advisor.

You can buy zoo tickets from 365Tickets.

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