Bicycle Trip

A perfect date for Spring through to Autumn time. Taking a bike trip is a great way to explore the countryside. It doesn’t matter if you’re dedicated cyclists or just out to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, this offers the opportunity to see areas you’ve never been before, stop off for some sightseeing or a bite to eat, you can make this date your own.

Of course, it depends on whereabouts you live, whether you have the countryside on your doorstep or you need to travel a little. But whether it’s a nearby town or village, a trip to the beach or cycling through woodland, it’s totally up to you. Just plan out your day, decide what stops you want to do on the way and enjoy!

What you need

  •  Bicycles (of course!)
  • Comfortable clothing or cyclewear (reflective if possible)
  • Waterproof
  • Lights (if cycling back in the evening)
  • Pump/mini repair kit
  • Map
  • Sun protection
  • Small first aid
  • Water/snacks
  • Charged mobile phone

The Guide

  1. Decide with your date where you would like to go, and how far you both want to cycle. If your general fitness is good, then you can always travel further. However, don’t be too hard on yourselves if you’ve never cycled before.
  2. Plan your route. It’s always best to have a good idea where you want to go. Of course, it’s OK to take a detour here and there if you find something on your route. That’s the whole point of exploring. However, particularly if you’re not familiar with the area, always make sure you have a good map with you.
  3. Pack all your essential as outlined above to make sure you stay safe and hydrated along the way. Plenty of water is a must plus some light snacks to ensure you keep your energy up! Whilst no one wants to be weighed down with carrying too much these essentials will be welcomed if you’re unfortunate enough to get a flat tire or in need of help.
  4. Schedule in stops. If there are stops you want to make on the way or to spend some time at the beach or a picnic in the woodlands, make sure you leave enough time so you’re not feeling rushed or trying to get back before dark. Also take some photographs along the way, it’s a perfect opportunity to get a few snaps of your special day.
  5. Enjoy. Having taken your time to plan the day well, have fun and explore together. A bicycle ride is a healthy way to spend the day but be sure to take your time too and soak up the scenery all around you.

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