Bowling Date

The old ones are always the best! Remember all those times years ago when you used to go ten pin bowling with friends? Well, it can be just as much fun on a date. It’s also a great idea for a second date, but could also be a first date too. This is particularly the case if you’re both shy and having an activity makes the whole date more relaxed. It also gives you both something to talk (and laugh) about too. Throw in some food too, and it makes for a good afternoon or evening.

Tenpin Ltd is a nationwide bowling company with 30 sites located across the UK. Offering much more than bowling, its entertainment centres include the latest in modern design, late licensed bars, food cooked fresh to order, the latest gaming machines, American pool tables and a lively party atmosphere. 13 of its sites also incorporate laser gun arenas offering great packages including multi-game packages, bowling and food packages, discounts for online bookings and popular themed evenings.

Top tips

  • Make a booking
  • Dress casually

The guide

  1. Most towns and cities have a bowling alley nearby. With a bit of luck there’ll be one in convenient proximity to both of you. Make sure to book beforehand for your chosen date and time. If you keep an eye out you might be able to pick up special offers into the bargain.
  2. Dress casually. You’ll want to feel comfortable – and always wear socks! Yes, those bowling shoes they give you, worn by many others, is something that you can’t get away from, but don’t let that put you off!
  3. Enjoy your date. Try not to get too competitive though and give your date some warm encouragement, particularly if they’re not doing to well. The aim is to have fun and enjoy your time together rather than it being a contest to see who’s the best. But then again, you might find that spurs you both on to do better.
  4. After the game, spare some time for food and a few drinks; a great way to end an evening full of lighthearted fun.

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