Film and dinner date

A classic date is to see a film, followed up by dinner. There are, however, a mix of options here. You can:

Watch a film at home and then

  • go out for dinner
  • phone a takeaway
  • cook up a meal for your date (or you could prepare it together)

Alternatively, you could go to the cinema to see a film and then do any of the above options for food. Equally, you could see if there was a venue that did outdoor movies. We came across the Luna Cinema in the UK. Whilst we haven’t tried it ourselves (please let us know if you have), it sounds and interesting option.

Top tips

  • Choose a film (either book tickets or rent/stream)
  • Reserve dinner or plan your own culinary delight
  • Have a few treats and wine or champagne

The guide

  1. Find a film that both you and your date would like to see. From comedy to documentary or drama, it all depends on personal choice. If you’re both into quirky art house films then choose that. If it’s something you both enjoy, there’s no reason to go for a conventional mainstream film. It will also give you a great talking point over dinner.
  2. Either reserve tickets or obtain a copy of the film/check you can get it on Netflix or Amazon, then you’re nearly all set to go.
  3. Book a table at the restaurant of your choice or if you’re going to be cooking a meal yourself, make sure that you have all the ingredients and do as much prep beforehand as possible. Don’t forget to tick the wine, champagne or soft drinks, it that’s preferable.
  4. Have some snacks put by too. It wouldn’t be a cinematic experience without them!
  5. On the date, sit back relax and enjoy the film and food. Hopefully it will have stirred up some great talking points.

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