Lunch dates

Lunch dates are a great all round option. Whilst they also offer a romantic option to catch some time with your date during the day, they’re also great for the first or second date. You can relax knowing you’ll spend only a certain amount of time together. This takes the pressure off having to make conversation for extended periods of time when you don’t really know someone that well. Of course, there’s also nothing stopping you from spending the afternoon together if things are going swimmingly.

Top tips

  • Reserve a table
  • Consider transport if drinking alcohol
  • Afternoon activities (optional)

The guide

  1. Reserve a table at your chosen restaurant – make sure your date likes the food. If possible ask for the quieter spot, maybe next to the window. If it’s during the summer you could sit outside (make sure you’re not sat in direct sunlight as this can be uncomfortable).
  2. Whilst many of our readers are retired, some are still working – therefore it’s a good idea to schedule for a weekend or a day when you’re both not at work, so that you can both relax more.
  3. If the date goes well, you could suggest going suggest spending the afternoon together as well. Maybe take a walk, visit a museum or other cultural site. No doubt if things are going well, you’ll have found some common interests that you both share. Equally, you could order more coffee and chat for the rest of the afternoon.
  4. If things aren’t going so well, then the beauty of a lunch date is that you can say you have other commitments and need to leave. The fact that you’re only committed for a certain amount of time is best for both parties. However, if one person is keen for a second date but that isn’t reciprocated it’s better to let them know there and then. Never leave someone hanging on.

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