If you both love heart pounding, adrenaline rush experiences, then you could try skydiving. A tandem skydive in fact – 12,000 ft of pure adrenaline.  After 25 minutes ascending in a plane it’s time to bail out as you and the instructor begin to plummet back to the ground. Your journey back to the drop zone begins with around 7,000 ft of freefall which at 120 mph soon passes by.Then at 5,000 ft your instructor will pull the shoot as you float gently down to the ground and take in all of the breathtaking views around you. What a great way to spend the day together!

Top tip:

  • Only go with a licenced school and instructor. Check with the British Parachute Association for their safety record first.
  • There are certain health conditions which preclude you from skydiving without a doctor’s certificate. These can normally be found on the skydiving provider’s site. If not it’s important you check, again for your own safety.

The guide:

  • Find a registered skydiving school – many operate around the UK; if you’re lucky you should find something within a reasonable distance to you otherwise prepare to travel. Check their safety record as mentioned above, this can’t be stated enough for obvious reasons!
  • If you have the option choose somewhere where there is nice scenery. That will only add to the experience. Tip: if you have a GoPro camera, this is the perfect opportunity to use it and capture some footage of the experience that you can both watch again or share the experience with others.
  • Following a short pre-jump briefing you will be provided with a skydiver’s jump suit to go over your clothes (you should wear comfortable clothing such as a tracksuit and trainers). Then after fitting a tandem parachute harness (and appropriate headgear and goggles) – if you decide to go tandem – the jump plane will take 20-25 minutes to reach the required altitude – then it’s out into the blue!
  • Don’t forget your camera(s), food and non-alcoholic drinks.

Just for fun, we thought we’d share this video with you where 138 people did a vertical skydive!

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