Treasure hunt

If you really want to wow your date you could get creative with a treasure/scavenger hunt. There are a few different ways to do these. One way could be to use photos (thanks go to Date Night Wingman for this one). In your chosen location, town or city take interesting photos every so often from what will be your starting point to your final destination. And that could be anything from tickets to see your partner’s favourite show at the theatre to a romantic dinner in a restaurant.On the day, hand the photos to your date and let them follow the clues to guide you both to the mystery location. Add in a few interesting stops along the way from coffee to opportunities to take photos at key locations. Not only is this a great way to add excitement to the day out, it also allows you to take in sights that you might ordinarily have overlooked.

Treasure hunts are also a great way to celebrate your partners birthday by hiding small presents in different locations, very similar to Easter egg hunts (which incidentally are just as fun for adults)! You could create a theme for your treasure hunt to give it that bit of extra ingenuity – either way it’s sure to delight. By all means hide them in ‘random’ locations (but be sure to remember where you put them) or create clues that they can use to lead them from one present to another. Either way, have fun with this and be as creative and romantic as you like!


  • Make a note of where you put each present
  • Write clues that your partner will be able to guess (or have a back up plan to help them out)!

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