Visit an English Heritage site

With so much history on our doorstep, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a cultural day out that will delight your date. In fact, according to the English Heritage website, there are more than 400 historic places to visit such as royal castles, historic gardens, world-famous prehistoric sites, forts and defences and much more.

The historic places under the care of English Heritage span six millennia of palaces, houses, hill figures, castles, abbeys, industrial sites, Roman forts and even deserted medieval villages. Enjoy the history of England together for a thoroughly enjoyable day out.

Top tips

  • Check opening times
  • Book tickets, depending on site
  • Plan a spot of lunch

The guide

  1. Plan which site(s) you’re going to visit. Check on the opening and closing times as some do shut at certain times of the year or there may be renovations being carried out. Find out a little about the place beforehand and woo your date with your knowledge!
  2. Consider lunch either at the site or nearby to nicely round off the date. Spend time discussing what you liked about the visit, what amazed you and revel in exploring some of the country’s finest locations. Who knows maybe if you both loved the experience so much, you could make a list of all the places you’d like to visit on future dates together. There’s nothing better than sharing experiences like this with like-minded others.

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