Date Ideas: Budget Date Ideas

Take a tourist trip

We often don’t appreciate what’s on our own doorstep. It pays to take a step back and think: if I was to visit this area for the day, what sites or activities would I go and see or do? It’s often surprising what you’ll come up with. If you can’t find anything, going only slightly… continue reading »

Film and dinner date

A classic date is to see a film, followed up by dinner. There are, however, a mix of options here. You can: Watch a film at home and then go out for dinner phone a takeaway cook up a meal for your date (or you could prepare it together) Alternatively, you could go to the… continue reading »

Breakfast dates

The ideal option for a first date. Going out for breakfast offers the opportunity to get to know someone without alcohol being involved! It’s quite cost effective too, which is an added bonus. But most of all, you don’t have to spend too long together on the first occasion, helping both parties to feel more… continue reading »

Visit a museum

A great way to spend time together and learn something in the process, visiting a museum is not only culturally enlightening but also something that you can possibly do on a budget. Some museums allow free entry, particularly at off-peak periods, so it’s worth checking beforehand.  They may ask for a donation, but it’s up… continue reading »