Date Ideas: Summer Date Ideas

Go to a flower show or horticultural event

Flower shows are a wonderful way to spend time as a couple, and whether this is a second date or 22, these visits never lose their appeal. The romance of the gardens, with all the flowers and scents makes a relaxed day out for the pair of you. Beautiful gardens do wonders for your health… continue reading »

Visit a botanical garden

What could be more romantic than a date at a botanical garden? In the height of the season with so many beautiful flowers, shrubs and other plants out in bloom it’s a delight to see all the colours and test your knowledge of the latin names! There are many botanical gardens in the UK to… continue reading »

Lunch dates

Lunch dates are a great all round option. Whilst they also offer a romantic option to catch some time with your date during the day, they’re also great for the first or second date. You can relax knowing you’ll spend only a certain amount of time together. This takes the pressure off having to make… continue reading »

Vineyard tour

Vineyard tours are a fantastic way to learn about new wines – perfect for if you both love to cook and pair the perfect wine with your culinary delights! Together you will learn about how wine is made, the processes it goes through before partaking in a small group or private tasting session. Whether you… continue reading »

A day at the beach

What a way to make the most of a summer’s day! Drive on down to the beach and sit back, relax and soak up the summer sun. Take a good book by all means, but spare some time for conversation with your date. After all, the purpose is to have a lovely day out together…. continue reading »

Bicycle Trip

A perfect date for Spring through to Autumn time. Taking a bike trip is a great way to explore the countryside. It doesn’t matter if you’re dedicated cyclists or just out to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, this offers the opportunity to see areas you’ve never been before, stop off for some sightseeing or a… continue reading »