Blind date tips

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If you’ve ever been on a blind date and it didn’t go well, don’t let that put you off blind dates for good. Here are some tips to help you the next time around:

Do a little research
Don’t go to a blind date without having any hint as to what kind of person you are about to meet. A little bit of planning will go a long way towards having a successful blind date. Talk on the phone. Email each other. Do those mild background checking techniques that will make you less worrisome when the actual date happens.

Go for a casual date
It is never cool to plan like you are about to make a marriage proposal when you are just about to go to a blind date. A cosy café or park that allows lots of conversation and exchange of ideas will do the trick.

First impressions last forever
Blind dates should be informal. However, that doesn’t mean you are allowed to show up in your gym clothes. Overdressing is overkill, too. Women, don’t wear suggestive outfits (at least not until the sixth or seventh date). Men, keep your bow ties and suits reserved for your wedding. It would be wise to show your personal taste as long as you strike a good balance.

Know your manners
A blind date could still go bad no matter how you prepare for it. It is just the way of nature telling you that the chemistry is just not there. But the lack of spark during the first date does not necessarily translate to never clicking with the person. It could be that it is just a bad day for the two of you or the weather is simply not cooperating. Keeping an open mind will avoid you from getting frustrated about how bad your date went. Don’t forget to respect your date as you would like to be respected. Don’t be too rigid, have fun.

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