Watch a musical

Mature Hearts Team Cultural Date Ideas

Shared experiences make for a great idea for a date. Either find something that you both like or take it in turns to pick a musical to see together – whatever you choose this is a great way to broaden your horizons and gives you a talking point over dinner. Choose from modern day musicals… continue reading »

See a concert

Mature Hearts Team Music Date Ideas

Music is a great way to spend time together – even more so if you share the same tastes! Whether it’s rock, pop, jazz or classical, there’s nothing that can liven the spirits more than great melodies.  Enjoy a trip back down memory lane or delight in new tunes to experience something different. Music often… continue reading »

See a comedy

Mature Hearts Team Cultural Date Ideas

Comedy can be really down to personal taste, so make sure you know the person a little before suggesting this one. But once you have a good idea of each other’s sense of humour then seeing a comedy is a great way to have fun. There’s nothing like laughter to make us feel good! If… continue reading »

Visit a museum

Mature Hearts Team Budget Date Ideas

A great way to spend time together and learn something in the process, visiting a museum is not only culturally enlightening but also something that you can possibly do on a budget. Some museums allow free entry, particularly at off-peak periods, so it’s worth checking beforehand.  They may ask for a donation, but it’s up… continue reading »

Treasure hunt

Mature Hearts Team Unusual Date Ideas

If you really want to wow your date you could get creative with a treasure/scavenger hunt. There are a few different ways to do these. One way could be to use photos (thanks go to Date Night Wingman for this one). In your chosen location, town or city take interesting photos every so often from… continue reading »

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Mature Hearts Team Activity Date Ideas

There’s nothing more majestic than a hot air balloon ride. A breath-taking experience as you watch the world below and enjoy the view for miles around. Hot air ballooning really is one of the oldest and most romantic forms of aviation in the world says Virgin Balloon Flights, who claim to have more launch sites… continue reading »

New to Mature Hearts – Date Ideas

Mature Hearts Team

We’ve just started this new section to bring to you a range of date ideas. We’ll be adding many new ideas on an almost daily basis so keep coming back to get the latest. And if you have any great ideas you’d like to share then drop us a line at See you soon!… continue reading »

Romantic Spa Day

Mature Hearts Team Romantic Date Ideas

Taking time out of our busy schedules to enjoy a day of indulgence is the perfect way to relax and unwind. It’s also a great opportunity to pamper your partner too! Maybe it’s a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, or just purely to say ‘I love you’, a spar day for the… continue reading »


Mature Hearts Team Activity Date Ideas

If you both love heart pounding, adrenaline rush experiences, then you could try skydiving. A tandem skydive in fact – 12,000 ft of pure adrenaline.  After 25 minutes ascending in a plane it’s time to bail out as you and the instructor begin to plummet back to the ground. Your journey back to the drop zone… continue reading »

Day hike

Mature Hearts Team Activity Date Ideas

What a perfect way to spend the day, exploring the outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a short hiking trip or something a little longer, get home with nature and set up a date. Best experienced either in spring or autumn, when you can start to see flowers coming into bloom or the crisp colours of… continue reading »