Dating Etiquette

It’s second nature for most of us to have good manners and be courteous towards others. But we have all come across individuals that don’t share those same fundamental values and may not be so polite. Online dating is no different from the everyday world.

Dating and relationships are very personal to each and every one of us. We all deserve to be treated with respect, but we understand that ‘respect’ is also open to interpretation, so we’ve put together some guiding principles to help everyone who is online dating.

  1. User name

You should use your first name and not nicknames (and never anything that is offensive or contains profanity) as your user name. This means that other members can send you a personalised message and they know exactly who they’re dealing with.

  1. Profile photos

By all means choose a photo that is flattering – but not one that was taken 10 or 20 years ago. It’s so easy these days take a good photo even with a mobile phone, so you can make sure it’s up to date and representative of how you look now. After all, how would you feel if you turned up to a date to find the person looked completely different. It usually doesn’t get the date off to a good start.

  1. Personal description

By all means give the best impression of yourself – but make it realistic. You should not be deceitful or dishonest in any way. This spoils the experience for everyone. Profiles which are found to be false or intended to trick people will be removed.

  1. Messaging members

Think carefully before you message members. Read their profiles and make sure that you take the time to write an individual message to each person. You’re looking for potential matches – not to spam everyone so please don’t just use one mass email. Every word counts when you are writing your message, so think carefully about the impression it’s making. What is the tone of your message? Spell check and avoid using all capital letters. Avoid vulgar language or offensive words.

  1. Avoid misunderstandings

Treat others with respect and take heed of the points above, as these will help you to avoid misunderstandings. Sarcasm, humour and jokes can all be misinterpreted without the physical gestures or facial expressions. These could all offend, particularly when you don’t know the other person that well. Please take this into consideration when dealing with others on Mature Hearts.

We want everyone to enjoy their experience here.

  1. Personal Information

Guard your personal information and don’t share it too soon. Remember you’re meeting others often for the first few times online, so stop and think before you provide too many details. This could be where you live or work, details about your movements or telephone numbers. After all, would you do this if you were talking to someone at a bus stop?

  1. Being rejected

If you communicate with a member and are ‘rejected’, please respect their decision. Do not send further messages or harass the person in any way. This is all part of the dating process and shouldn’t be taken too personally.

  1. Rejecting offers

There may be times when you are not interested in other members that contact you. Please afford them the same courtesy that you would expect. Be polite and timely in your response; avoid the temptation to continue conversations because you don’t want someone to feel rejected. People can be very sensitive around this whole subject. But better that people know where they stand; it also allows them to move on.

  1. Privacy

Please respect the privacy of other members on the site. Do not disclose their personal details in any form and by any means. Everyone on Mature Hearts should feel that they are in a comfortable environment where every member respects the rights of other individuals.

  1. Reporting abusive users

Online Dating Protection provides 24/7 moderation with our highly trained UK-based team and advanced specialist software to monitor for scammers. They’re dedicated to making sure members are safe online. But you can help too if you do notice a suspicious profile then you will be able to report it for review. We don’t like time wasters any more than you do.