Fear of online dating? Here’s how you can enjoy the experience

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The internet has opened a world of possibilities for us not only in terms of business and education, but also as far as our relationships our concerned. It has made the impossible possible. It has perpetuated the trend of online dating enabling persons to build and develop true relationships with like-minded people, especially singles over 50 looking for companionship in life.

But, but, but… This perfect-seeming virtual world has brought in a unique set of problems and challenges that are worth giving a thought. What if the person on the other end is taking advantage of you? What if private information is passed on to others? What if the person is a scammer? What if the person never replies after a few initial conversations? What if you get hurt? For some there is a fear of online dating.

If you think these are your own inner thoughts being voiced or your own story being told, you’ve got to change. These fears are constricting your life. You need to open yourself to the possibility of love by overcoming these obstacles and we’ll tell you how. We’ve discussed common fears and the methods to counter them.

Fear – Deception
Defense – Deception is a genuine fear. A paid online dating site is the best solution to this problem. The most respectable websites have moderation measures in place. Whilst this does not relieve a member from taking responsibility for their own protection and safety – particularly when meeting someone in person – it does provide a certain level of comfort in the knowledge that every effort is being made to ensure the platform is as welcoming as is humanly possible.

Fear – Rejection
Defense – Most mature singles fear rejection. If you introspect, you will realize that this fear is reinforced by your thoughts about your own self. You fear rejection because you believe in the first place that you are not good enough. We’re all created unique with individual strengths and weakness. If want to overcome this obstacle, you should first accept yourself for the person you are. This way you will definitely find someone who respects your tastes and preferences.

Fear – Long Wait for Responses
Defense – One reason why people dread a long wait for responses is the fear of rejection. While the fear is valid, you can occupy your time by indulging in a hobby or meeting friends. Invest in other areas of your life like careers, volunteer work, learning new skills or getting down to the gym; it takes your mind of your relationship worries.

Fear – Waste of Time and Money
Defense – There are two types of online dating sites – free and paid. Free sites are often chosen because there is no charge to use the service, but then it also raises a question of trust and credibility. When you are new to online dating and you want to get a feel of the system before you pay, you should opt to register with a dating site that offers its members a free trial period. That way you can see if you like what they have to offer before making a commitment.

Fear – Lack of Confidence
Defense – This lack of confidence is not about starting a conversation with potential partners; it’s about taking the relationship from a virtual world into the real world, especially it’s been quite a while since you last dated someone. Remember though, that the other person is probably nervous too. Just take it slowly and get to know each other. Over time, your confidence will grow. And remember, not every person you meet is going to be right for you. But take it as a learning experience if this happens. There will be someone out there that is right for you.

Test the Waters
Reading up on online dating is good, but reading in excess will only pile on doubts in your mind. Hence, the best option is to get into the dating pool. Once out there, you will realize, there are hundreds of good people out there that are looking for companionship or romance just like you.

So, overcome your fears and embrace life!

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