The five habits of successful dating

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Every time people tell me about their dating experience, I discover they’re making the exact same mistakes. This ultimately reduces their chances of dating success. You see, dating can be an absolute nightmare for some people. Whether you have been dating for years, getting back in the game, or just starting out, a little dating advice never goes amiss:

1) Pay attention to your date and listen

Some people try to impress the other person by talking all the time. This can be quite overwhelming and very off-putting. But, if you ask about them – and listen – this will enable rapport to develop. The other person will hopefully want to discover more about you too. Like any human interaction, it’s a two-way street. Listen as well as talk.

2) Ask questions (although not too probing)

Come up with a list before you leave the house, i.e., How did you get into that line of work? Where did you go to school? Ask if they’ve seen the latest most talked about film that’s currently out. And so on. If they tell you about their weekend at the yoga centre, and you know absolutely nothing about yoga, just ask them what they like about it, how they got into it, etc.

3) Compliment the other person

Show sincere appreciation; find something you like about the other person and mention it. You may be freaked out by the idea of complimenting the other person about their soulful eyes, so mention their watch, clothing, hairstyle for example. No need to go overboard: “Nice shoes,” will do it.

4) Be yourself

Exaggerating or boasting your credentials and successes will only make the other person lose interest. Instead, make them feel at home so that they don’t feel pressured to impress or lie to you. Sincerity is the best policy. Nobody feels more comfortable around people who are genuine and sincere.

5) Give your date the royal treatment

Buy flowers, treat to a dinner (or even just coffee on a first date). Make the other person feel special. Show that you value their company. For a subsequent date, cook up a meal at home and spend the evening watching movies or some other activity such as a board game. The meal most likely will be better than at a restaurant – and the effort means more.

The most important thing is that you enjoy the dating process and live life to the fullest. That way, you’re much more likely to attract the opposite sex, who are looking for that someone special.

To your success!

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