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First impressions count so it’s important to get your personal profile right. You need to present yourself in the best possible light, whilst not over embellishing the truth. After all, there’s nothing worse than meeting with someone for the first time to find out they’ve clearly lied about themselves. That’s no way to start any meaningful relationship.

In order to help you make the most of your profile potential, the Mature Hearts team have put together some top tips:

  1. Be Honest: Already mentioned above, but bears repeating! It can be tempting to shave years off your age or get carried away with your hobbies skydiving, heli-skiing or trekking through the Outer Hebrides. But remember, honesty really is the best policy as the whole point of joining a dating site is to meet the right person for you.
  2. Positive and friendly: By the same token, don’t talk yourself down or be arrogant. It’s much more attractive when someone is positive and upbeat and this will help to draw more responses too. Balance is always the key.
  3. Choose the right photo: This is really important as it affects a potential dater’s decision to click through to your profile to find out more. The photo should be recent, looking at the camera – and smiling! Avoid using any images that don’t show your full face (hats/sunglasses are a no-no), and certainly nothing that’s provocative or you could find yourself receiving inappropriate responses.
  4. Be specific: It’s important to be clear about what you’re looking for right from the start. Is it someone who you can share country walks with or someone who enjoys theatre, opera or travelling? Attracting likeminded others means making sure your dating profile is concise and focused. If you enjoy sport say what sports in particular so you’re avoiding generalisations. This will cut down the response rate but at least you’re more likely to find someone who’s right for you and avoid disappointment on both sides.
  5. Information overload: Your dating profile is not the time to tell your life story. It’s an introduction to you, your personality and to encourage people to want to find out more – not bore them to tears.
  6. Pose questions: Make it easy for people to contact you. Adding a couple of simple questions at the end of your profile will help overcome the hurdle of what someone should say in their first response to you. A few light-hearted questions could include:
    1. Do you enjoy Elgar? If so, contact me – I’d love to know more.
    2. Are you a life-time supporter of Manchester United? If so, drop me a line.
  7. A note on humour: It’s easy to misinterpret humour in a profile so proceed with caution. You want people to know that you’re treating the dating process seriously. Humour is a two-way street and is often best kept face-to-face so you can gauge the other person’s response and act appropriately.
  8. Review profile: Always check your profile before you make it public to ensure you’ve maximised its potential. People often wonder why they’re not receiving many responses and it’s often down to a poorly written dating profile. Are there spelling errors or do you come across as negative and desperate? Does your photo do you justice? Put yourself in the shoes of a potential date – what would your response be? Getting a trusted friend to read over your dating profile will confirm if it’s pitched just right and it truly reflects your personality.

Q: Do you have any top tips that could help others to improve their dating profile potential?

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