6 reasons mature dating works for the over 60s

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Love is ageless. It knows no bounds. It is us, our society that puts pressure on what might be right when you’re forming relationships in your 20s as to the relationships that you form in your 60s and beyond.

But none of it is right, unless you want it to be. That’s because the most important person when it comes to love and forming new bonds, is you and the attitude you have. One thing’s for sure you’re certainly never too old to start!

There are so many good reasons why mature dating for the over 60s works. Here we highlight 8 of them:

1. Your children have grown up

If you have children, they will have likely grown up, moved out and have families of their own by the time you reach 60. That leaves you with the time and space to nurture new companionship and the joy it can bring. Having the time and space to give to someone else, and for them to give to you, will create a better environment for love to blossom.

2. You have the experience of life’s lessons

If you’ve had relationships in the past, you will have no doubt learned a lot from them. What was good as well as what was bad. You will have ideas about what you’d do differently, and what you liked. What worked well, and what didn’t. Even if your experience wasn’t good previously, at least you know what you don’t want. Don’t allow anyone to manipulate you, take advantage or treat you unkindly. You now have the wisdom to stop bad relationships without falling into the same traps as before. Make sure the lessons learned don’t go to waste.

3. You have a deeper understanding of you

When we’re younger we spend a great deal of time finding out who we are and what we stand for. We try to please others, we’re looking out for advice and just generally exploring and trying to find our way in life. At 60 you don’t have to fit into someone else’s ideal of what you should be doing at that age. It’s a quiet confidence that comes with maturity. But it’s this understanding of who you are that will help in the search for a new relationship. It’s about knowing what you’re prepared to compromise on in a partner, and what is a no go. And sticking to it. It’s better to be on your own that with the wrong person.

4. You’re more financially sound

In your 40s and 50s you’ll have already worked for many years, and life is more likely to be on track in this regards. It means by the time that you’re in your 60s you’re more likely to be financially secure. With disposable income to spend on going out together to restaurants, events, theatre, sports and the like, there’s more opportunity to explore and share experiences together.

5. There’s more ways to meet new people

These days there are so many different ways to meet new people. You don’t need to resort to going to clubs and bars (unless you want to of course)! Today there are so many events, courses and learning experiences, singles holidays and online dating channels – all of wish open up a more opportunities to meet. In fact, online dating for the over 60s, is one of the fastest growing age groups. Because let’s face it, we’re all living longer these days and 60 is still relatively young. There’s a lot of life to be lived, and being social animals, so it’s great to share our time with like-minded people.

6. You can take your time

With the pressure off to get married and have children, you can enjoy a new relationship for what it is. Take a more relaxed approach, find out what each other enjoys and also find new interests that you can share together. When your days are no longer taken up with work, children, and the many other daily tasks you have time for each other and don’t have to rush into anything.


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