Mature singles dating: your step by step guide

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Whether you’re taking your first step into mature singles dating or have been searching for your soul mate for a while, we thought we’d put together this simple guide to helping you get the most out of the experience.

Here we’ll walk you through the different elements of online mature singles dating including some extra resources for further guidance.

Choosing a mature singles dating site

There’s no shortage of online dating sites to choose from. It’s important to do your research; the site that is most suitable to you will depend on what you’re looking for. At Mature Hearts for instance, we focus on single adults over the age of 40 with no upper age limit. In that sense the site is very specifically geared around a particular age group, whilst allowing you to search by geography, likes and interests, education and more. Like any other age group, mature singles dating sites should provide a range of different tools and filtering options to make your search easier.

It’s all about reputation

Choose a dating service that has a good reputation. Look to see if they have good customer service; you want to be able to contact someone if you have questions or there is an issue you need help with.

You also want to ensure that a paid for dating site allows you to sign up for free so that you can try out their mature singles dating platform first to at least get a feel for whether it’s suitable for you. Any reputable dating site will allow you to do this first because they want you to get a sense of whether their service is right for you.

Online dating pricing

With any product or service, you’d expect to know what the subscriptions prices are before you sign up – even if you can register for free to try out the service. If a dating service doesn’t have its prices clearly stated on their site, then ask yourself why.

When you’re looking for a mature singles dating site you want to be sure that they’re as transparent in their pricing. Going back to the last point, any reputable company will have no problem in stating their dating service pricing up front.

Investing in safety

Look for a mature singles dating site that have invested in making the dating experience as safe as humanly possible. Mature Hearts’ online dating protection provides 24/7 moderation using a highly trained UK-based team with special anti-scam software to help make the experience for our members as safe as possible. Whilst nothing is 100% fool proof (and every member should still apply the same level of common sense when dealing with people they don’t know or have just met), it goes some way to making sure the unscrupulous few don’t spoil it for the majority of genuine members who are just looking to find someone to share their life with.

Creating an online dating profile

Here’s your chance to put yourself across in the best possible light, and set yourself a part from others on the site. When it comes to writing your online dating profile, you need to be as authentic as possible. What are your best personality traits? What do you like doing? Do you have any unusual hobbies?

Build up a positive image of yourself. Maintain truthfulness but understand that you don’t have to give everything away!

In particular, think about what not to put in your profile. Make sure you don’t give any details that will pinpoint exactly where you live or any other personal contact details. Think safety.

What kind of relationship do you want?

Whilst it’s important to keep an open mind when it comes to finding new love and friendships, you should at least have a fair idea of what you’re looking for. What kind of person is the most attractive to you? What kind of personality do they have? What don’t you want in a new partner?

Getting this clear in your mind will at least provide you with some guidance when carrying out your search. Maybe you’re not ready for a permanent partner in your life but would like someone who you can go to interesting places with and share experiences. Maybe you’ve been divorced or widowed, or this is your first step into finding a relationship.

Whatever your situation, there are others out there that most likely feel the same. By taking the time to think carefully about this, you’ll more likely to find that mature singles dating works for you.

Get to ‘know’ someone before meeting

Before agreeing to meet up with someone, spend time chatting to them online. You need to get a feel for how genuine they are. Ask questions and monitor how you feel as you continue to talk to them. Do you feel that there is any connection or chemistry there? Do they seem authentic? If everything seems to be going well, are there any doubts in the back of your mind?

In the beginning it’s important not to give out any personal information such as home address, where you work or other personal information. And when you do meet, make sure it’s in a public place and that you’ve made your own arrangements to get home. Either get someone to pick you up or arrange for a taxi.

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