Top tip to double your dating confidence

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The first step to becoming the confident person you’ve always wanted to be is to close your eyes and imagine every aspect of their character. Without a very vivid picture of who you want to become, you’ll never become them.

Take a moment to ponder each one of these questions: How do they walk? How do they move? What does their voice sound like? Do they hold their head high? How do they dress?

Go through every aspect of their character. Get an extremely clear vision in your head of this currently ‘fictional’ character. Now say to yourself, “If I can see them, I can be that person”. Take your face and put it on this character. Brand this image into your subconscious. In your mind, get used to walking around like this person. Get used to talking like them, and incorporate the beautiful traits that you’ve given them.

Just as you wouldn’t expect to be the best piano player in the world without practicing, you shouldn’t expect to be the person you desire without practicing. Become comfortable with the new person you’ve created. Embrace the concept that you can be anyone you want (however, fundamentally, remember that you’re not broken in the first place, just being the best you that you can be). Practice this visualization for at least 5 minutes a day and you’ll become more and more comfortable being this “character”.

This may seem difficult to start with. You may get a sense of unease if the image in your head seems far removed from where you are right now. But persevere.

Bonus tip: if you struggle to see that person, find images that resonate with you and save them where you can view them regularly and get into that place where you have a better image in your mind.

As you visualise start thinking about the additional things that you can do to move you further towards your vision. Speak to people who are confident and ask them about how they do it and what they think about. This work is worth the effort in the end – and remember you deserve to feel confident and good about yourself. That’s a fact.

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