What to wear on a first date

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Knowing what to wear on a first date may come naturally for some, but the rest of us need a little helping hand. Particularly because what to wear on a first date really does matter. Here we give you some tips to help you decide on that perfect outfit:

  • What you choose to wear says a lot about you as a person; it’s like personal branding. Remember if it’s your first date, the other person is wanting to get to know you and will form an impression based on your appearance. We all form options in this way because we’re seeking out whether we’re going to get along with someone. It’s something that we all naturally do.
  • A smart dress and heels for women and a clean pressed shirt and trousers for men, you can’t go far wrong but they may seem like an obvious choice….
  • That’s why it’s important to plan in advance. Don’t leave it until the actual day of the date. Unless of course, you have a ‘dating wardrobe’ of clothes at the ready; but then you wouldn’t really need this article!
  • Know ahead of time what you’ll be doing, an active date can call for different attire compared to meeting someone at a wine bar. For ladies, if you love heels then you don’t want to wear them if you’re walking for miles round a market or fayre. What you wear on your feet not only needs to look good but also needs to reflect what you’ll be doing on your date. However, the next point is important, no matter what….
  • Yes, comfort should be your first thought. Your choice of clothing should fit well, not be too tight (or too baggy). From how long the sleeves are to the length of your trousers or skirt. Equally if it’s too short, then it’s not date wear. Try an outfit on and id it doesn’t fit, then don’t wear it. Find something else. When you’re comfortable you’ll be relaxed and at your best.
  • The items you pick from your wardrobe should complement each other in terms of the colours and materials. The shades should also complement your personality and how you want to present yourself. It should be part of what makes you, well you.
  • It should be pretty obvious but make sure your clothes are well ironed, there’s no marks on them. If they’re in a material that’s not so easy to crease it can make the outfit look smarter. It can also help your look appear effortless.
  • Pick a fragrance or aftershave that’s smells fresh but not overpowering. Scent is very individual and you don’t want it to put the other person off; if that’s all they can smell then they’re not going to be able to concentrate on you!
  • Don’t go over the top or change your look too much from what you’d normally wear. It can have the opposite effect and you don’t want to end up feeling uncomfortable because it’s not what you’re used to. People can also sense that you’re not at ease.
  • Finally – don’t change anything too drastic in your appearance before the date such as dying your hair. Clearly when you got yourself a date, your partner already liked the way you looked, so don’t try to change in order to impress your date.

It clearly takes effort to look good when preparing what to wear on a first date. But then hopefully the person you’re meeting will be well worth it. You should do it for yourself in any case to make YOU feel good – after all you’re most attractive when you feel attractive. Be natural and relaxed and you’ll be at your best.

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